So yeah. I know na dapat ito dapat `yung main at hindi yung Me-Me-Medtech churva ko. Pero wala ng magagawa e. Nagawa ko na. Plus sayang `yung mga comments. HAHAHA 

So dito ko na ilalagay yung mga posts ko about college and my experiences about it OK?

God, this is sooooo embarassing 

Anyways, thanks for reading ^^

First Year College:

Second Year College

Okay, so the following posts might not have been posted on the day it was supposed to be post. Reason: I was so busy that I have no time to update this blog about the things that happened to me this past five months. I’m sorry! >< Anyways, just pretend it was published at the right date. And if you don`t get this message, here is an example. ( EX. Posting something about examinations when the semester is actually over. )


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