School Rules??


is this the reality you want? XD


School…School… School…Schoooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!! >_<

We were only about four or five years old when our parents “forced” us to go and attend the prison called SCHOOL. Of course, we were all hyper and excited about going at first, not knowing that we will spend about seventeen or so years of our existence trapped in its halls. Studying and memorizing countless of books, projects, MATH…ugh, couldn`t it get any worse?

But then again, we learned many things about life because of this “hell zone”, we met our true friends, and…maybe…this is where we experienced our first love. So I guess school isnt that bad after all, looking at the countless memories we made and the never ending laughter we shared. And let’s face it, even though we had so many ups and downs here, we can never deny the fact that we also achieved so much because of its help.

So here’s my life…in my two schools…

Hope you can relate HAHA

♥College Life


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