Rising Gods of the East

So for those who has absolutely NO idea about this group, well, let me just give you a brief introduction about them.

DBSK, otherwise known as Dong bang Shin Ki, is a five member boy band formed under SM Entertainment. They’ve been around the Kpop industry since 2003. Maraming nagkakamali na “Mirotic” ang debut song nila. Well, let’s make a clarification. According to my source, which happens to be Wikipedia, “Hug” was their debut song, Mirotic was the song that made them reached the peak and be known all over the world.

Oh yeah, you may be wondering why this page’s title is Rising Gods of the East Right? Well, that’s what Dong Bang Shin Ki stands for in English. ^^


My hubby!! HAHA peace ^^v

  • Kim Jaejoong
  1. Stage name: HERO
  2. Birth date: January 26, 1986
  3. Real birth date: February 4, 1986
  4. Height: 180 cm
  5. Weight: 63 kg
  6. Blood Type: O


Kim Jaejoong, otherwise known as Hero, is the main vocal of the band. He also composed some of their songs like Kiss Shita Mama, Sayonara (along with Yoochun), Wasurenaide, Colours~Melody and Harmony and 9095. Well, he wrote other songs but that is far from what I remembered :p.


Hero came from a poor family, but that didn`t stop him from running after his dreams. He then auditioned in SM entertainment whereas he was one of the few who was chosen to be a part of its trainees. And the rest was history :)

He was also adopted when he was about four years old. That’s the reason why I listed two birthdates above. His real surname was “Han”, but was then adopted by the Kim’s when he was about four years old. He knows that he was adopted because..well…because he was four duh!

Apparently, his biological father left him with his biological mother. She wasn’t able to support him anymore and that’s why she put him up for adoption. It has been very tough for her because she only saw her son from far away, since his adopted parents did not want her to see him.

He (Jae) never wanted anyone to know about this. He wants his personal life in a low profile I guess. But then news about this was suddenly revealed when he faced charges about his enlistment. Apparently, he was not adopted legally and had two identities in the Korean Government base — one being “Han” and one being “Kim”.

His real father wanted him back so he pressed charges against his adopted parents. He said it wasn`t because of the money but I think otherwise. I mean, how many years had passed when he left him right? And then when he bacame famous and all, he suddenly butted in the picture and asked for a custody!  His motive is to get a piece of his money obviously. Well, my opinion though ^^

The next part is taken  from Cassiopeia-family.com/forums ^^

More Information on Jaejoong

Born in 1986, he was born with the blood-type O and has the personality of someone with the blood type. Is the main vocal of the group, and is carrying out the role of the “big brother” with Yunho. He gives the most criticisms to the members regarding music. Has deep thoughts and talks straight-forwardly. His neat and tidy personality is portrayed in the dorm they live in. Cleaning every corner of the house is blatantly a part of this trait, but he also is interested in cooking and feeds everyone in the group. Is the ‘mother’ of the group. Exceptional cooking skills and can prepare 15 kinds of dishes easily. Won the best looking award from SM and is a pretty boy, but his hobby is weight training — he has a great, masculine body in contrast to his feminine face. Is interested in people’s relationships and likes to love.

Hello, I am Youngwoong Jaejoong, a member of DBSG. My name, Youngwoong Jaejoong means to try my best and also it means Hero. I was born on 1/26/1986. I am the only guy in my family filled with 8 older sisters. I am also the youngest one in my family, so I get a lot of love from my sisters. You guys might not believe this, but I wasnt a good singer when I was young. My singing was horrible. My friends made fun of me, so I praticed and praticed. That’s how I became a good singer now. Thats how I became a member of DBSG. I really appreciate all the help people gave me. I will always try my best. Please look out for us and please cheer for us too. Thank you.

YoungWoong JaeJoong’s husky voice is attractive

YoungWoong JaeJoong has good cooking skills.Right now he cooks for his members. He improved his cooking skills while preparing for his debut also his parent’s contribution was the biggest. JaeJoong’s parents owns a restaurant in ChoongNam KwangJoo. JaeJoong went through lots of hardships. He did lots of part-time jobs from working in a convernience store, delivering chicken, newspaper delivery, manual labor, there’s nothing he has never done. YoungWoong also appeared in the movie Taegukiwa Hweenalli myuh (waving the korean flag) as an extra. But It’s really difficult to find him in the movie. He appeared as one of the chinese soliders.
JaeJoong’s special talent is his husky voice. But the one thing he likes most is his eyebrows. JaeJoong said when Song SuHun sees his eyebrows he is going to bow. When he was young his dream was to be a supermarket owner, because you can eat a lot of cookies all you want.


* Has 11 piercings (4 in the left ear, 5 in the right ear, 1 in his belly, 1 in his left nipple)
* Likes eating spicy food. In fact, he ate world’s most spiciest peppers with ease and thinks that Naga Jolokia pepper, with a Scoville (scale of hotness) rating of 1,041,365 would taste good in a dish. Fellow DBSK members complain that Jaejoong, who is the group’s best, and only cook, always prepares food to his taste and not theirs. (SBS’s Exploration of the Human Body)
* Enjoys cooking in his spare time
* Can text message really quickly and accurately, and likes to use many emoticons in his messages
* Calls himself the “expert” at Rock, Paper, Scissors
* Fear for Cola (Coke) due to being in a Cola drinking competition in his early ages and passed out
* Has broad shoulders in contrast with his thin waist line
* He likes girls who has pretty hands and feet (my feet aren`t that pretty )
* Believes he will marry a fan, wants 2 daughters and 1 son
* Doesn’t really like his own voice because he thinks it sounds “awkward”
* First kiss in the 6th grade (it was a cheek kiss)
* Hates girls who are very self centered and full of themselves
* Childhood dream was to be a grocery store owner, so that he could eat all the cookies
* Broke his leg during “Rising Sun” promotions, rendering him unable to dance or perform with the members for a couple of months
* Has a habit of sometimes sticking his tongue out after singing his part on stage performances.
* Able to move each of his shoulder blades separately
* Able to inflate his stomach to 36 inches
* Coloured his hair blonde for the first time in late 2006 because Xiah Junsu told him you should try it and see how it looks
* He likes to use alot of emoticons and anime graphics when texting or mailing
* Shares a work-room with Micky YooChun
* Enjoys eating cereal(with milk) whenever he wants (usually during dinner)
* Feels that Japanese Curry mixes really well with rice
* Does not make very good “First Impressions”
* Wants to be the Hero in the entertainment industry so stage name is: Hero Jaejoong
* Doesn’t like to do dishes
* Talkative
* Left home to pursue dream of becoming a singer
* Was part of a band before entering SM

Oh ma leadership! O_o

  • Jung Yunho
  1. Stage name : UKnow
  2. Birthdate: February 6, 1986
  3. Height: 183 cm
  4. Weight: 66 kg
  5. Blood type: A

(the rest is taken from cassiopeia-family.com/forums)

A little more on Yunho:
Born in 1986, he is also an aquarius like Jaejoong. He is the team’s leader and the bass vocal part of the group. Having too many thoughts being a distinctive character trait of an A-blood type, Yunho also carries this trait. He won the Best Dancer award from SM and is the most talented in dancing. His hobby is to choreograph. Yunho has experience as a rapper from Dana’s 1st album song, Diamond. He likes to play basketball, and is talented in martial arts (hap ki do), for he placed 3rd in a contest. On the other hand, he enjoys writing fictional stories and has diverse thoughts.

Yunho is the oldest in the group (not really).
As he participated in the church choir he has the position of base (the lowest note in male group) in the group. Yunho had a hard time becoming a singer. His father opposed of it. But now his father is the biggest supporter. Yunho is going to study hard and major in music in college.
Just by looking at his face, it seems he grew up without any hardship right?Not, before he became a singer, 3 years ago, he left his home at GwangGoo and went to Seoul because he wanted to become a singer. From this time, he prepared to become a singer with YoungWoong JaeJoong. Since both of their circumstances were not good, they did part-time jobs at law schools and saunas and praticed hard.


1. Is the best fighter.
2. He has the deepest thoughts.
3. he likes to write stories especially when it is raining. *so romantic…Image *
4. he took on numerous odd jobs to pay for his sisters tution fees during the ninth grade.Some of them were:sprinkling snow with sand so that people do not slip and tying up bottles for recycling.(this was during korea’s depression)He also used to sleep in the train station.(he didnt care where he slept last time because during that time he thought that having enough sleep is the most important.) Image
5. He had his tooth fixed because he said it was bothering him and his singing. *really??*
6. He can reach the lowest in the group. *but he’s the second tallest??*
7. during debut he was the fatest in the group and he had man boobs o_0 lol(Ya shim man man)He had to do special exercise to get fat away around THAT area. Image
8. sleeps diagonally. *me too*
9. he wakes up the earliest and wakes the other members. * according to some UFO replies…it’s Changmin that wakes everyone up…*
10. he LOVES little children.He wants to have 25 kids..you should think twice before becoming his wife hahah:P Image *…that’s a little too much…*
11. he loves music.he has written a song ‘spokesman’.It is a rock-ish song.It’s mostly rapping.I recommend you on listening because he screamed WOAH!!power.(he performed it in their rising sun concert and in a episode of NEW XMAN.)
12. he is responsible.
13. he is very dedicated in his career.
14. he wants to be a PD if he was not a singer.
15. his first performance was not with dbsk but it was in dana’s diamond.
16. people mistake him to be with Dana but he said clearly that they were just very close friends.Dana also said they were just friends.
17. he has two scars on his face.
18. he admires the girl from the drama my sassy girl. *lucky girl…*
19. he used to be quite short. *how short…?*
20. he is very competitive.(He said that he is competitive not that he WANTS to win but he said that he always tries his best in everything he do because he wants to lose without feeling that he could have done better.)
21. has a mole on the left side of his mouth.
22. is christian.I’m guessing his catholic because he goes to catholic university.
23. he does not like to cry in public.
24. he can do break dance. *that’s obvious right?*
25. he wears glasses. *he does?? Image*
26. he says he his flaw is his small face. * believe me, it’s not…your face is fine, yunho oppa…*
27. he has 4 piercings.
28. he has NO tatoos.
29. he smokes/use to smoke.It is unknown whether he stopped.
30. members say that he is very manly and very sexy in a manly way.All members respect him alot.
31. He is the only member that was never mistaken to be a girl.(LOL) *absolutely*
32. he likes to tease girls until they cry.For a good example watch the special Xman episode with Yuri hahahaha..LOL
33. During the scene in Yunho’s Tokyo Holiday where he was saying that he was the best member in DBSK(LOL Micky is a playboy,Jaejoong loves to comb Barbie dolls hair and Max and Xiah LOL LOL!!!)Yunho was afraid to say he was the best and he felt awkward.(he was afraid the other members will get angry at him.)
34. he was poisoned by the anti-fan during the filming of heroin 6.He was so kind he did not want to press charges on that girl because he said the girl was almost same age with his sister. *Image *
35. (I think it was him)Some of the members from super junior(I forgot which one)knew that Yunho bought a leather jacket.They told Yunho that to know whether the jacket was fake or real he had to burn it.Of course they were kidding.But Yunho really burn the jacket and bye bye jacket. *Image…poor him…no poor the jacket….*
36. he likes to steal food from the other members.
37. he actually has a korean dialect.
38. he has one younger sister and a dad and mom.His dad and mom used to be fighting to become school president.In the end they fell in love with each other) *ah…so romantic…*
39. Yunho was supposed to debut in a 5 or 4 member group with Jaejoong and the others were super junior members. *that group was supposed to be Four seasons…with Heechul and KangIn from Suju…*
40. Yunho takes a LONG time in the shower.Xiah says that he sings at least 3 songs and does 3 dance routines in the bathroom(LOL) *Image*
41. his mini looks very up to him and wants to be like Yunho when he grows up. *that’s good for him…*
42. Yunho used to teach dancing. *handsome teacher…*
43. Yunho(or jaejoong)asks Xiah for advice on how to have expression during singing.
44. Yunho(and/or Xiah)gets very serious before a performance so DON’T TALK TO HIM.hahaha…
45. after a very stressful day of work Yunho was walking I think in his hallway than he saw a little girl holding a doll.And he cried.Micky was with him but Micky did not see the ‘dirty thing’ but he also cried(LOL). *the dirty thing? what’s that?*
46. Yunho was caught wacthing ‘special videos’ and he said it was a school assignment. *how special??*
47. Yunho brings his bambi doll everywhere he goes…(he call’s it his daughter).

Workship the prince!! <3

  • Park Yoochun
  1. Stage name : Micky
  2. Birthdate: June 4, 1986
  3. Height: 180 cm
  4. Weight: 64 kg
  5. Blood type: O

A little more on Yoochun:
A gemini born in 1986, he has the middle-low vocal part of the group.
Along with Xiah, he is the middle voice of the group. He is an important
figure that brightens up the mood and atmosphere with his funny
personality. Perhaps he couldn’t hide his talent even when he was
little, for he won the highest award at the Korean/American Music
Contest and the KBN Music Contest for young adults. Yoochun is very interested
in composing and he’s written over 100 songs, and the members personally like
his songs the best out of the ones the members composed. He joined the team and left his family in America, and he admits that he sometimes misses driving around Virgina. But he says that this moment, right now, is the happiest of his life.

Micky YooChun who gave up his U.S Citizenship
Micky Yoochun’s english is pretty good. It’s because he lived in the states when he was young. Yoochun immigrated to Virginia where his uncle lived when he was in elementary (6th grade). In 2001, at a song festival, he won the daesang and started to spread his name around. Last year in a young music festival, he receive a special award and because of that, he caught one of SM’s recruiting teams attention.
Yoochun’s piano skills and song writing are great. He has written over 100 songs now. He has good taekwondo skills too. In elementary school he represented the state’s taekwondo team and performed with them on “Children’s day”.
Micky Yoochun who has lots of talents, recently announced that he gave up his U.S citizenship. It was to concentrate on his singing career. In order to keep up with the U.S citizenship he has to go to the states 2 or 3 times a year. So It’d be hard to perform in Korea all the time. Yoochun has announced that when he becomes an adult, he is going o join the army with DBSK members.


  1. He has a younger brother named Ricky.
  2. He was born in Seoul, later moved to Virginia USA for a few years.
  3. He wears a bracelet on his left hand; it’s the first gift from his younger brother. He never takes it off. If the bracelet does not match with the concept of his outfit, he tapes the bracelet higher so it does not interfere.
  4. He never thought of getting married.
  5. His first kiss was when he was in middle school.
  6. He collects CDs and he has around 1000. (see DBSK house tour 2006)
  7. He has asthma.
  8. Knows little English because family immigrated to USA when he was little
  9. Micky is his English name
  10. Micky in Chinese/Mandarin in written characters means “Secret Weapon”
  11. Wants to become the secret weapon in the music industry so stage name is: Micky Yoochun
  12. Composed many songs
  13. Joined TVXQ last
  14. Won through a singing competition in the US and the people pointed him to SM Entertainment
  15. The lazy one in the group
  16. Gave up his American citizenship due to the problem of having to visit US every few years comflicting with tight work schedule. Wants to join others in army in South Korea at age 30.

Oppa~ hihihi

  • Kim Junsu
  1. Stage name : Xiah
  2. Birthdate:December 15, 1986
  3. Height: 178 cm
  4. Weight: 68 kg
  5. Blood type: B

A little more on Junsu:
Born on January 1, 1987, he is a capricorn. He has the middle-high vocal part in the group. The group labels him as an innocent and bright boy.On the other hand, he makes a 180 degree change on stage and performs with great charisma. Junsu maintains order and balance in the group when they face difficulty. Possibly because of his long 6 year training, he is very empathetic and thinks a lot about people’s feelings. He plays the piano well and is very poetic — he enjoys writing poems. One of his dreams in life is to have his writing published into a book. One of his motivations in his singing career is the unachieved dream of his mother who once dreamed of being a star.

He wanted to become an athlete.
In group,there is a member who gets support from girls who were formed Miss Koreas.Why? Because Su’s mom is a former Miss Korea.I guess Su got his pretty and delicate looks from his mom.
Su was known in his junior high years to be a good singer.In the morning gatherings,when Su sang the school song, it went throung the speakers and was heard by the whole school.But Su wanted to be a athlete.He was in the baseball and soccer team and he still likes sport now. But after he saw H.O.T on TV,his dream was to “sing on stage”


  1. He has said in an interview that he went through a very rough stage of puberty, when his voice was changing.
  2. He has a twin brother, Junho.
  3. He has sensitive teeth, and he says they hurt when he eats ice cream. (TVXQ Bigeastation)
  4. He is a left-hander. (together with Micky Yoochun & U-Know Yunho)
  5. Junsu was famously known in Japan during 2007 for his “Oyaji Gags” (literally meaning “Old-man gags”) in Japanese. He was requested to do them on almost every single show in Japan during 2007, as Japanese found it amusing that a Korean new to Japan was doing original jokes
  6. Junsu wears briefs because it`s `uncomfortable` wearing boxers when he`s dancing.
  7. Junsu wears loose clothing when he goes to sleep.
  8. Junsu takes after his dad.
  9. Jaejoong and Junsu lend each other’s underwear.
  10. When he is surrounded by fans his face will become red!
  11. He can’t stand straight and likes to move when standing, so don’t be surprised if he starts a dancing ‘wave’ suddenly.
  12. He hates people who pull on his hair.
  13. He doesn’t like carbonated drinks and likes to drink ‘nutritious drinks’.
  14. He has sensitive skin.
  15. He will become very excited if people talk to him about soccer.
  16. He drinks nutritious drinks to protect his voice.
  17. He will get angry if people talk to him about adult films!
  18. He likes to work and is very dedicated to it but the group’s schedule is very busy so he doesn’t mind resting
  19. When he is tired after working and he is asked or starts talking to someone about soccer he will get very excited again.
  20. JunSu is best friends with Eun Hyuk from Super Junior.
  21. He likes to eat chicken.
  22. Junsu’s dad named both Junsu and Junho (Junsu’s twin brother). Junho was given the name Junho because he looked more masculine. Junsu was named Junsu because he was prettier.
  23. He never stands still when he’s talking, he always moves about and he apparently (according to his mother) likes to moonwalk to the bathroom.
  24. His mother used to be a singer and was also a former Miss Korea
  25. He has never fought with his brother.
  26. He was a good student in school.
  27. He never needed to be spanked as a child.
  28. He tells his mother that he loves her and kisses her often, and often puts hearts in his text messages to her.
  29. He never really wet his bed, but the last time he did was when he was 6.
  30. His mother spilled hot soup on the back of his neck when he was younger, but it didn’t leave a scar.
  31. He is the one who persuaded HERO to dye his hair blonde in 2007
  32. In the 2006 DBSK house tour, we were told Xiah goes and lies in-front of the bathroom mirror to reflect on something bad or when he wants to punish himself
  33. His chilhood dream is to become a soccer player.
  34. Does not like to do things around the house, he often asks other members to do his chores for him
  35. Wants to be known throughout A-SIA so stage name is Xiah Junsu by taking the “sia” in Asia and combining it to his real name, Junsu
  36. Claimed by Max Changmin to be the “dark horse” for the cute characteristics
  37. Wakes everyone up in the morning by playing video games
  38. Was the longest trainee of the 5 (6 years total) due to voice change not stopping
  39. Considered by many fans to be the “Prince” in the group
  40. Considered by many fans to be the 2nd best dancer

Dreamy ne? ;p
  • Shim Changmin
  1. Stage name : Max
  2. Birthdate:February 8, 1988
  3. Height: 184 cm
  4. Weight:61 kg
  5. Blood type:B

little more on Changmin:
An aquarius born in 1988, his blood type is B. He is greedy when it comes to music, so sometimes he cries when he isn’t satisfied with his singing.Because his parents are teachers, he is also very competitive and tries very hard at schoolwork and reading. Though the youngest in the group,he is the most modest and has the deepest thoughts. He can be honest and blunt when he strongly believes that something should not be done.Though shy at first, he is a very bright boy when you get to know him well. He followed his friend to an SM contest and luckily won the Best Singer award.

ChoiKang Changmin, whose high note is outstanding.
The youngest of our group ChoiKang Changmin is a crybaby. When his singing goes wrong he cries. But he has a brave side to him too. Starting from elemantary school in 6th grade, he delivered newspapers as a part-time job.
Changmin is the youngest in the family and group but none can complete against his singing. His high note is so outstanding that he doesnt know what octave it goes up to. He says that he worries that if he knows it might interrupt his singing.
Changmin is a quiet person and doesnt talk very much. In an interview, he only says 2 or 3 things in the end. Changmin is a clear person who reads the Harry Potter Series and tell everyone about it. He participated in a singing contest and won an award. That led him to be a singer but before that he was regular student.


  1. He is the tallest, the youngest, and the members call him the most mature in the group.
  2. He is known to talk less, and eat more.
  3. His personal replies to fans on a Korean celebrity website “UFO” are popular on the internet.
  4. He now has 2 piercings(one in left ear, one in right ear) which he got recently.
  5. His childhood dream was to be tv announcer.
  6. His favorite color is purple. (PAREHO KAME!! )
  7. Wants to be the Best/Max in the entertainment world so stage name is Max Changmin
  8. LOVES to sleep so really hard to wake him up
  9. greedy when it comes to music, so sometimes cries when he isn’t satisfied with his singing
  10. Best swimmer in the group
  11. He has a huge appetite
  12. tries very hard at schoolwork and reading
  13. Got into one of South Korea’s top universities


Well, to be honest — and as if I’ll deny it— Jae’s my bias in DBSK.

I mean, look at him! He’s near perfect! And when you here him sing… Man, you’ll melt, and in a good way!

Jae-oppa here I come~


  • Made it in the Guinness World Record for having the world’s largest official fan club,  Cassiopeia.
  • Made it int the Guinness World Record the second time as the most photographed celebrity in the world.
  • In early January 2009, their 4th Korean album, Mirotic, sales totaled 502,837 copies, making it the first Korean album in six years to pass the 500,000 mark. It is also the highest selling album in 2008 and the highest selling album in 7 years.
  • They had 5 DVDs in the top 10 ranking. Not only did two new releases chart, three older releases charted.
  • The group’s live DVD titled 4th Live Tour 2009 – The Secret Code – Final in Tokyo Dome broke the record for the highest initial sales for foreign artists
  • TVXQ set the record for the highest first-week sales by a foreign group with their Best Selection album.
  • They are also the first Korean group to attend Japan’s prestigious Kōhaku Uta Gassen
  • Jaejoong got the ‘Best Face Award’ for all of ASIA.



* SBS Gayo Awards (March 28): Popular Song First Debut (Hug)
* Mnet KM Music Video Festival (December): Best Music Video Award for New Group (Hug)
* KBS Popular Music Award: Best New Artist
* MBC Top 10 Music Festival: Best New Artist
* Go News Netizen YunAae Daesang: Best Group Award
* Go News Netizen YunAae Daesang: Music Video Award
* Go News Netizen YunAae Daesang: CF Model Award
* Go News Netizen YunAae Daesang: Asia Star Award


* Mnet KM Music Video Festival: Best Music Video (Rising Sun)
* Mnet KM Music Video Festival: People’s Choice Award
* Mnet KM Music Video Festival: Artist of the Year


* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 25): Best Group[1]
* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 25): M.net Choice
* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 25): M.Net Plus Mobile Popularity
* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 25): Artist of The Year
* Korean Chinese Custom Ceremony: China-Ten Most Popular Music Group
* Korean Chinese Custom Ceremony: China-Ten Most Popular Song
* Korean Chinese Custom Ceremony: China-Most Popular Advertisement Model
* Korean Chinese Custom Ceremony: China-Ideal Man Category
* Virgin Hitz Awards (October 28): Popular Vote Asia Artist
* MTV 16th Music Seoul Festival (December 1): Daesang (Artist of The Year)[2]
* MTV 16th Music Seoul Festival (December 1): Bonsang
* MTV 16th Music Seoul Festival (December 1): Mobile Popular Vote
* 21st Golden Disk Awards (December 14): Disk Daesang (Artist of The Year)[3]
* 21st Golden Disk Awards (December 14): Disk Bonsang
* SBS Gayo Awards (December 29): Daesang (Artist of The Year)
* SBS Gayo Awards (December 29): Bonsang
* Thailand Channel [V] MV Awards-Popular Music Video
* Thailand Channel [V] MV Awards-Popular Asian Artist


* MTV Video Music Awards Japan (May 26): Best Buzz Asia in Korea
* 14th Annual Korea Entertainment Masterpiece Award Ceremony (October 6): International Popularity Award
* Asian MUSIC eXtreme Awards 2007: 2007 Best Asian DVD or DVD box for ALL ABOUT TVXQ season 2[4]
* Asian MUSIC eXtreme Awards 2007: Most wanted Asian artist for a concert in France
* Asian MUSIC eXtreme Awards 2007: Most wanted Asian artist for European CD/DVD releases
* SEED Awards, Thailand (January 31): Best Asian Singer Award
* Best Hits 2007 Japan (November 26): Gold Artist Award
* MTV Korea: President of the Republic of Korean Music


* MTV Video Music Awards Japan: Best Collaboration Video Award (Last Angel by Koda Kumi feat. TVXQ)
* Asia Song Festival 2008 (October 4): Asia’s Top Singer Award[5].
* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 15): Daesang: Album Of The Year (The 4th Album “MIROTIC”)
* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 15): Auction Best Style Award
* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 15): Mobile Popularity Award
* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 15): Auction Netizen’s Choice Award
* Mnet KM Music Festival (November 15): Oversees viewers Award
* 2008 Golden Disk Awards (December 10): Disk Daesang (Artist of The Year)[6]
* 2008 Golden Disk Awards (December 10): Disk Bonsang[6]
* 2008 Golden Disk Awards (December 10): Disk Yepp Popularity Award[6]
* 16th Annual Korean Entertainment Awards (December 12): New Generation Daesang
* 2008 Melon Awards : Music Video of The Year
* 50th Japanese Records Awards : Premium Award (どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?)
* Best Hits 2008 Japan (November 27): Gold Artist Award
* SBS Gayo Awards (December 29): Bonsang
* 50th Japan Record Awards : Gold Award


* Korea Entertainment Producers Association (January 20): The Culture Sports Tourism Recognition Award.
* 18th Seoul Music Awards (February 12): Bonsang
* 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards (November 21) : Best Asia Star
* Best Hits 2009 Japan (November 26) : Gold Artist Award
* 2009 Melon Music Awards : 2009 STAR
* 2009 Melon Music Awards : 2009 MANIA (TVXQ!-Mirotic)
* 18th Seoul Music Awards (February 12): Mobile Popularity Award
* 51st Japanese Records Awards : Premium Award (Stand By U)
* Best Face in Asia and South Korea (Kim Jaejoong)
* Channel V Music Video Awards Most : Popular Asian Artist 2009
* 2009 Thailand SEED Awards : Best Asia Artist of the Year for 주문 “MIROTIC”


* 24th Japan Gold Disc Award 2010 – The Best Music Videos (International) : All About TOHOSHINKI season 3
* MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2010 – Best Group Video: “Share the World”


1. Yoochun is the lazy one in the group.

2. Junsu wakes everybody up in the morning with his video games.

3. Changmin is a crybaby.

4. Junsu is an uncle.

5. Yoochun is from the U.S. but was born in Korea.

6. Jaejoong is the “mom”; he cooks.

7. Yunho is the leader.

8. The house in “Ocean’s 12″ is the house in Miduyo.

9. Yoochun’s family currently lives in Virginia.

10. Yoochun has had a lot of girlfriends.

11. They watch Korean dramas when they can/have time.

12. Junsu, Yunho, and Yoochun are all ambidextrous.

13. Jaejoong and Yoochun both dropped out of high school.

14. They both used to smoke.

15. Jaejoong wants to marry a fan- he believes that he`ll end up marrying a fan anyway.

16. Junsu wants a bright girl with a positive outlook of the world. Yoochun thinks it`s because Junsu is a negative person.

17. Yoochun doesn`t want to get married. (Junsu disagrees…he thinks that he MUST get married…)

18. Jaejoong wants 2 daughters and 1 son while Junsu wants 2 sons and 1 daughter. Yunho wants 5 sons and 20 daughters – Junsu says “Think of your wife!” and Jaejoong says “Are you trying to kill somebody?”

19. Yunho wants a girl who is assertive and has senses – someone who can guide him.

20. Changmin wants to marry someone who is girly and who will attach herself easily because he is shy and quiet.

21. Yunho`s message to his future son is “I love you”.

22. Junsu thinks that dating and marriage are the same thing because he sees the girl he`s dating as his future wife. He has to like the girl that much (enough to see her as a hopefully Mrs. Kim Junsu) in order for him to date her – he doesn`t want to date just anyone. He`ll date her to a point where he wants to marry her. (Changmin agrees with him.)

23. Junsu likes to use his hand as a pillow.

24. Jaejoong made Changmin show off his body in their Hiyaya single.

25. Yunho sleeps diagonally on his bed.

26. Jaejoong was laughed at because of his puberty stage–his voice would crack and his friends would laugh at him each time he sang.

27. Yunho got rejected by a friend that he came to like. He asked her out and lit 100 candles. She told him she only wanted to be friends.

28. Junsu was suppose to debut earlier, but due to puberty…he lost his voice. He would always go and scream hoping his voice would come back.

29 Before debut, Max would make up excuses as to why he missed class. Each time it was always a relative’s funeral and when he couldn’t make that up he’d say something else. No one was curious because Max has a wide range of relatives.

30. Micky likes to sleep listening to music on his walkman. He tends to drop it, so at nighttime Junsu might get hit with a walkman or book or something. (That was when they had bunkbeds…)

746 Facts of Why We Love DBSK/TVXQ

1. Succeeded as an acapella group
2. They don’t suck in dancing
3. Junsu’s voice
4. Yunho’s MANLY, deep, sexy voice
5. Joongie’s smooth voice (when he’s low)
6. Joongie’s rough/husky voice (when he goes high)
7. Changmin’s voice just sounds unique – like yeah
8. Junsu’s singing ability
9. Joongie’s singing ability
10. Changmin’s singing ability at such a young age
11. Junsu’s adlibs
12. Micky’s ability to make girls faint just by smiling (this has really happened)
13. Changmin’s ability to get girls to steal his underwear?
14. Their ages
15. Their yupkiness
17. Changmin’s dorkiness
18. Changmin’s dorky laugh
19. Micky’s laugh
20. Joongie’s laugh
21. Yunho’s dancing ability
22. Junsu’s dancing ability
23. Joongie’s pierced titty
24. Yunho’s flirtiness
25. Their tri-angle outfits
26. Way You Are outfits (make them look so punk and hot )
27. Their songs! Who does not like their songs -___-?!?!
28. Their dance moves (some are funny!)
29. Changmin’s tallness (even though he’s the youngest)
30. Joongie’s prettiness (prettier than a girl…really…)
31. Junsu’s koala nose
32. Yunho’s fake teeth (lolz…)
33. Micky’s perviness
34. Changmin’s eyes
33. Junsu’s double-eyelid-less eyes
34. The fact that Junsu’s the only one without double eyelids and yet he still doesn’t want to get surgery
35. The fact that Micky doesn’t like wearing contacts
36. The fact Junsu is obsessed with SAUSAGES
37. How Changmin would sell his soul for food
38. The way Changmin tries so hard
39. How Changmin has not gone through his voice break yet
40. Junsu’s SECOND voice break
41. Micky’s hat collection (over 200 hats)
42. Yunho’s saggy tits
43. Yunho’s old teeth too
44. Yunho’s hair styles (even the guys like his hair)
45. How Joongie stole Changmin’s first kiss
46. How Changmin found out about his first kiss
47. How Changmin was shocked that his first kiss was with Joongie
48. Then the fact that Changmin didn’t know Joongie kissed him
49. How Changmin found out Joongie kissed him while he was sleeping
50. How Changmin cried after he found out!
51. Junsu’s fobby facial expressions
52. Junsu’s weird facial expressions
53. The fact that Junsu has a bit of interest in sexual stuff
54. The fact that Joongie is also interested in sexual stuff
55. How Joongie likes lingerie
56. Micky’s inability to dance
57. Micky’s hobby
58. The fact that Micky’s hobby is to imitate Rose from Titanic
59. Micky’s acting in Non-Stop
60. Yunho’s acting in Non-Stop
61. The fact that Yoo Jae Suk goes psycho over Yunho
62. The fact that Yoo Jae Suk absolutely LUFFS Yunho
63. The fact that Yoo Jae Suk absolutely LUFFS TVXQ
64. The fact that Yoo Jae Suk absolutely LUFFS Micky
65. The fact that Kang Ho Dong absolutely LUFFS Micky
66. The fact that Kang Ho Dong absolutely LUFFS Yunho
67. The fact that Kang Ho Dong absolutely LUFFS TVXQ
68. The fact that Kang Ho Dong tries to copy Yunho’s dancing
69. The fact that Yoo Jae Suk tries to copy Yunho’s dancing
70. The fact that MS. Shin tries to copy both Micky and Yunho’s dancing
71. How Micky is always eating in their car – and I mean ALWAYS
72. Joongie’s fobbiness in english
73. Joongie’s feminine side
74. Joongie’s six pack *drool*
75. How Joongie turned out so pretty/hot with 8 older sisters ;
76. How Joongie used to wear his pants up to his tits when he was around 2
77. The fact that Junsu is a twin
78. How Junsu has an unidentical twin
79. How Junsu is the younger twin
80. Junsu’s favourite phrase, “Eeh roh go it nae”
81. How Junsu still puts hearts in his SMSes to his mum
82. How Junsu promised his mum he would be successful and build a big house for his momy
83. How Junsu cares for his family so much
84. Junsu’s ever so blonde hair
85. Junsu’s thick eyebrows
86. Micky’s thick pretty lips
87. Joongie’s cute stubby nose
88. Changmin’s pretty ass eyes
89. Yunho’s nose
90. Joongie’s triceps
91. The way Yunho talks (so babyish)
92. The way Junsu wears the ring given to him by SBSK
93. Junsu’s plump butt
94. How Junsu full chucked a spaz in the making of the Magic Castle MV
95. How Junsu tried to translate the Magic Castle song and ended up only replacing a few words with english hahaha
96. Junsu’s konglish version of “POP” by N’SYNC
97. Junsu’s “heavy head” dance
98. Micky’s pointing dance (on X-men, where he points to the sky)
99. How Junsu’s the smallest in the group
100. How Junsu likes girls that speak english
101. How Changmin also likes girls that speak english
102. How Changmin was late to school
103. When Changmin stepped into his classroom on the day he was late and realised they had a test
104. When Changmin realised the moment he stepped into his classroom the test had just finished
105. The fact that Changmin came first for his yearlies in 2004
106. The fact that TVXQ are trying so hard to learn Japanese for their Japanese fans
107. The fact that TVXQ are trying so hard to learn Chinese for their Chinese fans
108. The fact that TVXQ are eager to come back to Korea
109. The fact that TVXQ miss their Korean fans the most
110. The fact that Yunho has no ass
111. Junsu’s big belly button
112. Micky’s collar bones
113. Joongie’s love for cooking
114. Changmin’s love for eating Joongie’s cooking
115. Yunho’s height (185cm)
116. Changmin’s height (186cm)
117. Changmin’s glares in The Way U Are MV
118. Junsu’s glares
119. Yunho’s yupki faces
120. Micky’s face when he’s stuffed his mouth with bread
121. The way Junsu tried to imitate Usher
122. The way Junsu hit his lip with his necklace when trying to imitate Usher
123. The fact that Joongie is married to Yunho (officially…)
124. How Junsu likes fancy girls
125. How Yunho would make such a great father
126. How Yunho absolutely loves kids
127. How Junsu likes cameras
128. How Junsu played a prank on a little kid about stealing her camera
129. How Junsu begged the little kid if he could buy it off her
130. Micky’s fobbiness
131. Micky’s famous quote, “Sucks! This Stupid!” in the SM training lessons
132. Junsu’s cuteness in his audition
133. The fact that Micky was scouted and didn’t need to audition
134. Joongie’s pajamas
135. The fact that Junsu proposed to Micky
136. The fact that Junsu also kissed Micky while he was sleeping!
137. The fact he apologised to all his fans for getting married to Micky at such a young age
138. When Junsu sings Stevie Wonder’s “Lately”
139. Joongie’s lame acting skills
140. Yunho’s rapping
141. Yunho’s “Whicky whicky wah wah~” (In Stay With Me Tonight Song)
142. The fact that Junsu loves and hates his best friend at the same time
143. Junsu’s cuteness in the 100 Q and A thing
144. How Yunho shouted “I love you Cassiopeia fans!” in front of millions and millions of people
145. Yunho’s skill in HapKiDo
146. The fact that Yunho came third in a HapKiDo championship
147. How Yunho has great leadership
148. Changmin’s innocence
149. Changmin’s shyness in front of a camera
150. Even though Changmin’s tired, he alwasy greets his fans with a smile
151. The fact that Changmin suits glasses
152. His prettiness when he smiles
153. How he always respects people, even though they’re younger than him
154. How he spends so much time talking about his faults
155. How he spends so much time saying sorry to his parents and ending up crying
156. The way Changmin said he wanted to be a normal person in University (as in, not a celebrity)
157. Changmin’s honesty
158. The fact that Changmin can eat a whole pizza by himself in only a matter of minutes!!!
159.The fact that Changmin tries so hard when he’s dancing that the other members are always worrying that he might hurt himself!
160.When Changmin feels he didn’t do satisfactory in a performance, he’d cry and say sorry to his fans(even though they didn’t mention anything about him)
161. The fact that Changmin replies to ALL his fan’s SMS messages
162. How Changmin literally GULPS his food down and ends up finishing his meals 3508375 times faster than the other members!
163. How even when Joongie sweats, he still manages to look beautiful
164. How Joongie saw Micky cry when their song came first in Inki Gayo
165. How Joongie cried with Micky on the day their song came first
166. How Joongie made other members cry on the day their song came first
167.How Yunho managed to show his happiness and manliness without crying on
the day their song came first
168. How Joongie’s hair is so shiny and silky that it could help in the suicide of a fly
169. How Joongie scolded Changmin for wanting to be a normal Uni student
170. How Joongie had such a big passion to be a singer
171. How Joongie still sometimes cries when he thinks about his first love
172. How that proves Joongie really knows what true love is
173. How Joongie ran away for a few days just because he wanted to be a singer but his parents didn’t want him to?
174. How Joongie had a huge fist fight with someone who swore about H.O.T (he must have been a big fan)
175.The fact that when Joongie was young, he couldn’t even sing a proper tone, but now that he’s practiced so much because of his passion to become a singer – he has improved and become one of the best.
176. The fact that Joongie came first when it came to the person who greeted his elders the most
177. How Joongie can’t wink
178.How Joongie realised Micky was sick just before a KMNET performance, so when he was dancing and singing, he’d always check if Micky was alright!
179. How Micky has such love for his family
180.How Micky still cries when he thinks about how he couldn’t say “I love you” to his family whe leaving the airport from America
181.How his bucket hairstyle still looks good on him although some people just look horrendous with it
182.How Micky still has a bit of innocence in him when he admitted he still likes Astro boy and Micky Mouse
183. How Micky fans other members after a performance if they’re hot, even though he’s sweating his skin off
184. How he lectures his fans for doing dangerous things
185.How Micky cancelled his American citizenship and stated he will go to the Korean Army when the time comes and remain a Korean citizen
186. How Junsu is so frikken cute when he’s shy
187. How Junsu cried a lot because of his first voice break when he was younger (kids teased him…poor guy…)
188.How Junsu said the other members of TVXQ were as important as an oasis in a desert to him
189. How Junsu did a wave infront of many fans and made some fans even have nosebleeds(for real!)
190. How Junsu is just NATURALLY cute
191. How Junsu absolutely LOVES soccer
192. How Junsu is so good at playing the piano
193. How Junsu listens to his fans when they tell him to start dieting…
194. How Junsu’s so funny and comfortable with his fans
FanGirl: Oppa! You’re so pretty!!
Junsu: Thanks, you’re quite handsome yourself! XD
195. How Junsu still goes to baseball games with his twin brother even though his schedule is PACKED
196. How Junsu even forgot his last name because he was so used to saying his full name was “Xiah Junsu”
197. The fact that when someone says “cute”, everyone immediately thinks “Junsu”
198. How Yunho is pretty and HOT even when he hasn’t even got any makeup or hasn’t even washed
199.How when Micky was sick and in hospital, the remainding four of TVXQ had to perform a song on stage, but Changmin was nervous so Yunho grabbed Changmin by the arm, looked straight into his eyes and said, “I believe in you.”
200. How Micky was sick and before the performance, TVXQ said, “FIGHTING!” but Yunho put his hand in last and said, “This is Micky’s hand”
201. The fact that Yunho can dance, sing, rap, act and be an MC without sucking
202. How Yunho’s hobby is to write poems or short fics
203. How Yunho even falls asleep when sending SMS messages
204.How Yunho saw a ghost but didn’t want to wake any other members,fearing they would get scared to,he faced the ghost by himself and cried by himself too?
205. How Yunho is TVXQ’s leader
206. How Yunho looks so manly yet has an adorable personality
207. How Yunho loves donuts
208. How Yunho already knows how he is going to propose to a girl
———-3 roses, “One is you, one is me, the other is how my image has changed”
209.When TVXQ have finished their performance, he would tell each member what mistakes they made and how they can improve
210. How Yunho makes dancing look so easy when it isn’t
211. How Yunho’s hands are so manly
212. How Yunho has such a great body *drool*
213. How Yunho’s head size is very small
214.How Yunho shouted, “I love you Jihye!” (his sister’s name) in front of other celebrities towards the camera
215. How Yunho loves his home suburb (KwangJoo)
216. How Yunho confessed he likes girls with long natural hair, big eyes and an elegant look
217.How Yunho made his FanGirls want to be like above^!
218. How TVXQ have only been in the music industry for a year and are bigger than most other groups
219. How TVXQ are innocent yet sexy at the same time
220. How TVXQ just exist and breathe the same air as I do
221. YunSu LUVE
222. Micky’s crush on Junsu
223. Junsu’s love for Micky
224. YooSu couple
225. JaeHo couple
226. JaeMin couple
227. YunChun couple
228. JoongShim couple
229. YooHo couple
230. JaeSu couple
231. ChangHo couple
232. ChangSu couple
233. YunMin couple
234. How every member of TVXQ have tried to kiss all their members
235. Their radio skits
236. KBS Daesang Way U Are perf – Xiah’s facial expressions are so priceless in the instrumental section
237. Junsu’s perfect teeth
238. Junsu’s LOONG snake (if you see the KMTV drawing comp. you’ll understand)
239. The meaning behind Junsu’s LOOONG snake
240. Junsu’s memories when he was in Primary school about him being short
241. Junsu’s sneezes (they’re so loud same as how he laughs!)
242. Changmin’s pouty mouth
243. Junsu’s crooked lip
244.How Micky heard Yunho crying in the middle of the night and went to see what happened because he cared for him
245.How Micky found out he was crying because he could see a ghost and he started crying too because he was even more scared
246. How TVXQ members tend to kiss other TVXQ members when they’re sleeping
247. How TVXQ sang Hweesung’s “With Me” so well
248. How TVXQ sang Tim’s “Sarang Hap Ni Da” so well
249. Micky’s fobby english (Their message to IN:COM forums,”Don’t still Jeanie nuna’s file)
250. Junsu’s piano playing skills
251. How Junsu and Junho (his twin) have never ever fought
252. Junsu’s love for chicken
253. Joongie’s ability to scream and yet sound pleasant
254. The fact that Joongie can’t rap
255. Micky’s buttery Le Mario-like narrations
256. Yunho’s squeaks in some songs
257. Yunho’s “CHOOM CHOOM CHOOM CHOOM” *from the MBC Nolluhwah special*
258.How Yunho quietly asked Lee Ji Hyun, “Are you ok?” when he REALLY LIGHTLY knocked her over in the Chicken fight game in X-MEN and everything went quiet because he spoke LOL
259. TVXQ’s yupkiness in singing Tim’s “Sarang Hap Ni Da”
260. How Joongie only likes girls of his age
261.How Joongie can’t trust himself with dating younger girls because he has never taken care of a girl younger than him (because he’s the youngest in his family and the only boy- child in his family)
262. How Changmin doesn’t trust himself with clothes
263. How Changmin admitted that he sucks with clothes and fashion
264. Their ability to speak Chinese
265. Their ability to speak Japanese
266. Their ability to speak Korean
267. Their tiny ability to speak English
268. How TVXQ can’t spell “forums”
269. How Changmin spelt forums as “forms” first, then “foums”
270. How Yunho spelt forums as “Frums”
271. Their attempts in speaking/writing English
272. Their mistakes when speaking/writing english
273. How Micky cannot stand the smell of Japanese soy-bean paste “natto”
274. How Changmin does not hate any food – no matter what it is o_O
275. How the Japanese have realised TVXQ have an abnormally large appetite
276. The fact that TVXQ were able to hire a helicopter for their “Mi Duh Yo” MV
277. The fact that TVXQ were able to clear a bridge in Bexco,America for their “Mi Duh Yo” MV
278. How many guys have mistaken Joongie for a girl
279. How many girls (not only guys) have ALSO mistaken Joongie for a girl
280. How the guys who have mistaken Joongie for a girl have called him “HOT”
281. How TVXQ came out on “Mi Ahn Ha Da, Sarang Han Da” (the Mini-series with So Ji Sup and [L]im Soo Jung)
282. How TVXQ were mentioned in the Korean Mini-series “Bom Nal” (Spring day)
283. How TVXQ’s poster was spotted in the Korean Mini-series “Kwae Girl Choon Hyang” (Delightful girl Choon Hyang)
284.How Junsu stuffed up in a Hug PERF in the Boa-Britney special
285. How Joongie stuffed up a Hug LIVE perf by coming in 2 beats earlier than normal
286. How Junsu always loses his shoe in his performances
287. How Micky slipped in a Tri-Angle perf at a concert
288. Cassiopeia parkas – I love them Those Red Pearl Winter Jackest….
289. The TVXQ caps with the fluffy things on the sides
290. The three storybooks about TVXQ
291. How Junsu relies on God the most
292. How Junsu has been with SM for more than 6 years
293. How funny and comfortable Junsu was in his audition
294. Junsu’s self confidence
295. How Junsu got 100% in his Uni prac test
296. How Yunho also got 100% in his Uni prac test!
297. How Joongie came out on “Taegukgi” as an extra!
298. Joongie’s love for saying “FOUR”
299. The fact that there’s only one group that can make children’s songs sound amazing. [When TVXQ sings “Mountain Spring”]
300.How Yunho likes to drink coke when sitting by the Han River when he has
to think about something deeply?
301. Their coolio names (Xiah Junsu/U-know Yunho/Micky Yoochun/Max Changmin/Hero JaeJoong)
302. How Junsu goes BRIGHT RED in the face when he’s surrounded by fangirls
303. How TVXQ chose Junsu as the official dishes man
304. Joongie’s occasional boners
305. How TVXQ caused major traffic jams in China because there were so many people on the road to get their autographs
306.How Junsu was chosen as an official “Ulzzang(Pretty)” of Korea – with other
contestants like lee-wan, hyun-bin, se7en, won-bin, jang dong-gun, and kang dong-won (He won by getting 600+ votes?
307. Micky’s ability to clap with his feet when standing up
308. The way Micky always thinks it’s his turn to do the MI on M-net
309. How Changmin loves video games(So does Joongie!)
310. How TVXQ suits whatever style of music
311. How Junsu was judged as a grade 2 kid by a grade 3 kid when in actual fact he was in grade 5
312. Yunho’s love for touching Jaejoong’s boner
313. Junsu’s webcam pics
314. Junsu’s batman shirt
315. Junsu’s frequent blushing
316. How Junsu pronounces “radio” in konglish
317. Junsu’s Konglish
318. Changmin’s camera shyness
319. How Changmin respects his anti’s too….
320. Miduhyo
321. Thanks to
323. Tri-Angle (ext. version feat Boa and The Trax)
324. Will you be My Girlfriend
325. Million Men
326. Like now [????]
327. I never let go
328. Kid [???]
329. You are always.. [? ???]
330. Whatever they Say (Acapella version)
331. Whatever they Say (Added Instrumental version)
332. The Way U Are
333. Tri-Angle (TVXQ version)
334. Through the Forest
335. Mountain Spring [???]
336. Stay with me Tonight
337. Try My Love
338. Oh Holy Night
339. Hug
340. Hug International Vers.
341. Santa Claus is coming to town
342. Magic Castle [??? ?]
343. Micky’s version of Choi Jong Won
344. Micky’s version of Brian McKnight’s “So Sorry”
345. Yunho’s love for Kan Cho.
346. Changmin’s pronounciation of “yummy” ??? -> ??? ??)
347. Changmin’s head swish in “HUG”
348. How Changmin did so well in his MI
349. Junsu’s MI
350. Micky’s MI
351. Micky’s FAKE MI!
352. Micky’s “Sseng Ddoong Mat Jyo!”
353. Yunho’s MI
354. Joongie’s MI
355. Yunho’s KM Artist ID
356. Junsu’s KM Artist ID
357. Joongie’s KM Artist ID
358. Changmin’s KM Artist ID
359. Micky’s KM Arist ID
360. Yunho and Jaejoong’s marriage
361. They sing GREAT
362. They’re are just pure lovely
363. Junsu’s dolphin voice is so cute
364. Junsu’s cherry butt
365. Yunho’s dancing
366. Junsu’s dancing
367. Yuchun’s astro boy shirt is so cute!
368. Best acapella group ever
369. Changmin’s talent at such a young age
370. How Changmin is ubber smart
371. Yuchun’s little brother is cute also
372. How Jaejoong has 8 sisters
373. How Yunho’s little sister is really cute
374. Junsu’s lovely twin
375. Changmin’s two little sisters look just like him
377. Junsu’s birthday comes out wrong on everything
378. Junsu singing “N’sync-Pop”
379. How Changmin messes up on his pitch so much but tries so hard
380. Yunho’s old teeth
381. Yunho’s little belly
382. Changmin falling asleep on stage
383. Yunho crying because seeing a ghost
384. Yuchun crying with Yunho not even knowing what was going on
385. Jaejoong’s hot ulzzang(pretty) pix
386. Yunho’s rapping is awesome
387. Yuchun’s english
388. Yuchun’s deep sexy voice
389. Junsu’s high squeeky voice
390. Jaejoong’s smooth soothing voice
391. Yuchun having the nickname Micky Mouse
392. Jaejoong’s cute little feet
393. Yuchun’s wonderful piano playing
394. Junsu’s AWESOME piano playing
395. Yuchun’s sexy red Ferrari
396. Yunho’s cute and bad acting
397. Yuchun’s awesome performance on Nonstop4
398. TVXQ’s love for their fans
399. Easily crying
400. How they always dedicate their awards to Cassiopeia
401. Jaejoong’s pajama’s
402. Yuchun’s piggy pajama’s
403. Changmin’s piggy pajama’s
404. Yunho’s welcoming
405. Jaejoong’s camera hogging
406. Yunho’s cute and bad singing
407. Junsu and Yuchun sleeping together O.o
408. Junsu and Yuchun’s love towards each other
409. Yunho’s very carismatic personality
410. Yunho acting like The Trax
411. Changmin TRYING to act like The Trax
412. Changmin’s very unique voice
413. Yunho and Yuchun’s voice being similar
414. Their tri-angle performance
415. Their Step By Step performance
416. Their cute and sloppy english in HUG English version
417. Their koreanish sounding Japanese
418. Their koreanish sounding Chinese
419. Jaejoong’s titty peircing
420. Their first performance of Hug
421. Yunho’s sexyness when drinking Coke
422. Junsu’s mom’s comments of him
423. How Junsu loves and hates Hyukjae
424. Yuchun’s lip gloss
425. Yuchun’s little sexy wink
426. That Kanghodong is so nice to Yunho
427. That Kuminara is so nice to Yuchun
428. How Kanghodong sorta got scared(?) when Yunho said he was the leader of TVXQ
429. How Yuchun is so good at makchoom
430. Yunho’s new “straight” teeth
431. Yuchun’s way of copying Rose
432. Changmin’s way for singing to Lexy’s song “Girls”
433. Changmin’s way of singing “Just Once”
434. TVXQ debuted on the day after Christmas
435. Such pretty ballon color (Red Pearl colour!)
436. Pretty fanclub name (Cassiopeia?
437. Jaejoong’s sexy and built body
438. Changmin’s pretty and sparkling eyes
439. Junsu translating Magic Castle into English
440. Junsu’s very cute and big belly button
441. Junsu kissing Yuchun!
442. Jaejoong kissing Yunho (Yunho’s expression was really urbenly cute!)
443. Changmin likes being a camera hog at times
444. Junsu singing the song “Lately”
445. Jaejoong singing the song “Incomplete”
446. Jaejoong singing the song “Come To Me”
447. Yuchun singing the song “Gather my Tears”
448. Junsu singing the song “To Bride”(his favorite song)
449. TVXQ singing “NRG – Hit Song”
450. TVXQ singing “Wheesung – With Me”
451. Micky rapping in Hotmail
452. Changmin’s dorky glasses
453. Yunho’s sexyness in glasses
454. Changmin’s LONG list of food he wants to eat
455. Changmin’s empty bowl of bibimbab
456. Changmin getting really sorry after saying something to Harisu
457. Changmin bobbing his head side to side while talking
458. How Changmin acts so mature for his age
459. Changmin leaving early at the radio show, telling people to text message him
460. When TVXQ cried after receiving first place in Inkogayo
461. Fast that Jaejoong couldn’t sing is shocking
462. Jaejoong’s audition
463. Changmin’s audition
464. Junsu’s audition (and very high voice)
465. Yunho’s audition
466. Yunho singing “Im Jae Bum – Go Hae”
467. Jaejoong’s really weird winking (he can’t wink!)
468. Junsu’s very cute shyness
469. How Changmin’s favorite book in Harry Potter
470. Jaejoong’s baby pictures
471. Changmin’s baby pictures
472. Yunho’s baby pictures
473. Yuchuns’s baby pictures
474. Junsu’s baby pictures
475. How in one of Junsu’s baby pic that he is wearing a Micky Mouse sweater
476. Junsu’s love for his twin with a passion
477. How Junsu calls his twin grother “hyung”
478. How in Mid Uh Yo Jaejoong’s flower got stuck in his jacket pocket at the end
479. How Jaejoong started singing too early for a Hug performance
480. How Yuchun is an awesome MC for kmtv
481. How Yunho was a great partner
482. The fact that Stepho sees TVXQ almost everyday
483. Yuchun’s lyrics/music in english that dont make any sense
484. Yuchun’s graffiti skills
485. Jaejoong’s ability to draw awesomely
486. How Yunho asked if anyone wanted to go on date with him at Disneyland
487. How TVXQ wants to go on dates with every single Cassiopeia member
488. How some girls broke into TVXQ apartment and stole Changmin’s underwear
489. Yuchun’s greesyness
490. How TVXQ always looks over their rehersal
491. How we could name all of Jaejoong’s sisters names, Jini, Suni, Mikyung. Sookjin, Ahyoung, Yoosoon, Minjung
492. TVXQ trying to spell english
493. How Jaejoong came out on TaeGukGi
494. Jaejoong’s time zone rap
495. Their four lettered names
496. How TVXQ can be DBSG, DBSK, TVXQ, TOHOSHINKI, ????
497. How Yuchun got 1st place for most goodlooking
498. How Jaejoong got 2nd place for most goodlooking
499. How Jaejoong is a camera “whore”
500. Changmin loving Video games
501. Changmin loving to read
502. How TVXQ took pictures with Hamasaki Ayumi
503. Yuchun’s and Changmin’s way of eating ramyun on the setting of Magic Castle
504. How all of them are so cute eating chicken
505. How Yuchun acts like he’s being wangdda
506. How TVXQ is so respectful to all the “sunbae” singers
507. How they got to sing with BoA and The Trax
508. How Jaejoong and Junsu still look cute as money
509. How Yuchun acting like he was sleeping is so cute
510. Thanks To MV
511. Tri-Angle MV
512. Mid Uh Yo MV
513. Hug Korean MV
514. Hug English MV
515. Stay With Me Tonight MV
516. How Yuchun’s smile is so freaking sexy
517. Micky’s PERFECT heart shaping thingy with his hands
518. Jaejoongs attepmt to make a heart with his hands to the fans
519. How TVXQ looks pretty as girls
520. How there are picture of TVXQ resteraunts
521. How TVXQ helped the disabled
522. How Changmin stopped eating just to help someone
523. How Changmin opened the door for the grandma in the Smart CF
524. How Jaejoong was pushing Yunho on rollerblades
525. How Jaejoong picked up the little kid in Smart CF
526. Yuchun’s little mambo dance
527.The fact that when I get together with my friends all I do was talk about them!^_^
529. How Jaejoong would look most good in everything
530. How Junsu won the Being a Girl Contest
531. How Junsu dances to Valenti
532. How Junsu dances to Sung In Shik by Park Ji Yoon
533. How TVXQ came out on Comedy House when they’re not even that funny
534. How all of them study Japanese and English and Chinese so hard
535.Jaejoong’s hairless armpits
536. Yunho’s red underwear
537. Yuchun’s blue underwear
538. Yuchun’s Micky Mouse boxers
539. The fact that Jaejoong is Bloodtype O
540. The fact that Yuchun is Bloodtype O
541. The fact that Changmin is youngest but is the tallest in TVXQ
542. The way that TVXQ sings “Bbo Bbo Bbo”
543. The way that TVXQ sings “Pong Dang Pong Dang”
544. Yuchun’s cute fobbish way of saying “water”
545. Junsu’s copying of saying “water”
546. The way that TVXQ sings “Mountian Spring”
547. I love all their songs!
548. Their sexy ‘The Way U Are’ outfits!
549. The fact that Jaejoong loves “3.6.9″ Game
550. The fact that Jajeoong loves to read Dragon Ball Z
551. The thing that Jaejoong thinks when looking at the mirror is “Mommy”
552. The fact that Jaejoong is like the “Mom” of TVXQ
553. The fact that Yunho is like the “Dad” of TVXQ
554. The way Jaejoong sleeps on his belly (Shrimp postion)
555. The fact that Jaejoong is scared of cockroaches
556. The joke that TVXQ always says “Ee rul goh eet nae~”
557. Jaejoong’s first kiss was in 6th grade
558. Changmin has never had a girlfriend
559. The fact that Jaejoong’s nickname is Boojaejoong~
560. The fact that Changmin thinks he is too dark
561. TVXQ’s Hug outfit is the far by most cutest outfits!
562. The fact that Changmin’s idea of a date is jogging with the girl
563. The fact that Changmin is Buddhist but sings songs dealing with Jesus
564. That I laugh, cry, and smile everyday because of TVXQ…
565. That Changmin at his age has NO interest in girls what-so-ever
566. The fact that Yunho likes Jeon Ji Hyun
567. Junsu’s becoming a singer is the unacheived dreams of his mother
568. The fact that Junsu is Bloodtype B, but doesn’t seem like it cause
Bloodtype B guys are known to be players(This should be Micky!)
569. The fact that Junsu mentioned Hyukjae in like every single question that he answered for a survey he once did
570. Changmin’s way of motion in Hug perf. when he is singing the second verse
571. Changmin’s way of saying “Mad Eet Nun” in Hug
572. Junsu thinks that he is ‘Perfection’
573. How Jaejoong eats hamburger in front of Tei
574.How Changmin looks so scary when people are video taping him when
eating chicken
575. The fact that Junsu thinks he was a prince in his past life
576. The fact that TVXQ is close to The Trax
577. The fact that Cassiopeia is so annoying but so close
578. The fact that Junsu’s so nice, even if the other members tease him that he has red face he doesnt get mad
579. Yuchun’s Drive outfit (where he ties the front of his shirt )
580. Changmin’s Magic Castle outfit! SO HOT
581. The little finger thingy in The Way U Are perf. during the chorus
582. Yuchun’s lovely headphones~
583. The TVXQ wristband that Yunho received from his fans
584. How TVXQ is always so poliete whenever, where ever
585. TVXQ all waving at the same time
586. Yuchun’s one million trillion zillion gagillion dollar smile
587. Yunho’s sniff the flower picture
588. TVXQ all wearing the same aporn
589. Jaejoong’s non-buttoned white shirt in the Mid Uh Yo LA MV
590. Jaejoong in the 1st TVXQ Ting CF
591. Yuchun in the 1st Ting CF
592. Jaejoong’s sexy Tri-Angle hair (they say he looks like Legolas in LOTR!)
593. TVXQ’s Magic Castle look, prince look
594. Yuchun acting like a kindergartener
595. TVXQ’s ability to laugh whenever
596. TVXQ necklaces
597. Jaejoong’s prettiness wearing a crown
598. TVXQ’s pretty letter bracelets
599. Junsu and Yuchun’s couple ring!!!
600. Changmin and his hot self in a school uniform
601. Yuchun and Junsu going(went) to the same high school
602. Junsu and Yunho being accepted into collegeeee!
603. TVXQ always practicing singing on the karaoke
604. TVXQ holding fake stars could never be ANY hotter
605. The remote control car that comes out on the TVXQ Photobook
606. The fact that TVXQ has so many items for sale
607. Yuchun looking so much like Harry Potter
608. Junsu’s lovely rainbow long sleeved shirt (that he wears alot)
609. The same shirt Yuchun(RIVAL) and Yunho(HOTMAIL) wore
610. Yoojaesuk LOVES yuchun with a passion
611. Yoojaesuk LOVE yunho with a passion
612. Shinjunghwan loving yunho
613. Shinjunghwan loving yuchun
614. The TVXQ netizen thingy is so effing funny
615. Yuchun’s lovely shades in the Photobook
616. The TVXQ training outfit!
617. The fact Changmin and Yuchun drinking the same slushy
618. The lovely TVXQ character pillows
619. Yuchun crying at the end of a Mid Uh Yo perf.
620. The many lovely TVXQ pins that they sell everywhere in Korea just for fifty cents
621. Yuchun’s pimp player hat
623. Changmin replying to all of his fans SMS messages
624. Yuchun’s sexy Adam’s apple
625. Changmin’s soaked-with-water face in The Way U Are MV
626. Junsu and his lovely Poccari Sweat drink
627. Yunho’s make believe “Kan Cho” Ad
628. How TVXQ was is Bonsang of their first year of debut
629. Because TVXQ are doing better than a lot of the singers that have been out there for years
630. How TVXQ has the potential to love little kids
631. Yuchun’s fuzzy scarf in the Magic Castle outfits
632. Yuchun’s fuzzy jacket which makes him look like a eskimo
633. Yuchun’s face expression that makes him look constipated
634. All of the TVXQ members playing basketball makes them look sexy
635. Junsu’s doggie is also cute (RICHIE…the name of the dog…)
636. Yunho’s doggie is also cute too
637. Micky saying “Everyone~ I think I’ve fallen in love. With all of my
fans” before performing Whatever They Say at a Ting concert
638. TVXQ’s ability to make three girls sneak in the boys bathroom stalls just to
see TVXQ (Xiah was in there?
639.TVXQ still taking signatures in a position of which they were sorta uncomfortable
640. Yunho crying after a stupid girl flicking him off
641. Yunho’s sexy dance at Nol Luh Wah
642.TVXQ dance Lee Mario Dancing Steps!
643. Junsu and Jaejoong practicing Lee Mario dance at the Hair Salon
644. TVXQ singing “Sa Rang Hab Nee Dah” by Tim
645. The sexyness in all of the TVXQ members when wearing school uniforms
646. Changmin and Yunho and Junsu’s hair after riding the bungee jumping sorta thing at LA
647. TVXQ’s sexy Hollywood Bowl perf.
648. Yuchun trying to tell everyone a secret but the other members blocking him (and how yuchun keeps coming back)
649. Yuchun’s gangster self back in Virginia
650. One of Junsu’s nicknames being Chicken
651. TVXQ kissing other TVXQ members when sleeping
652. They mentioned TVXQ in Bom Nal!
653. TVXQ’s poster was in the drama Kweh Girl Choong Hyang
654. Shinjunghwan trying to do Yunho’s lovely robot dance
655. How Shinjunghwan’s dance is somewhat similar but not really
656. Jaejoong’s Bae Bah Jih in his baby pictures
657.Jaejoong and Changmin trying to feed us(the fans..) cereal!!!
658. Three TVXQ storybooks
659. Two Korean singles
660. Their lovely Japanese song “Stay With Me Tonight”
661. How TVXQ looks so photoshopped on the cover of SWMT but are amazingly still hot
662. Jaejoong is pretty cause his older sisters
663. How Jaejoong sometimes acts feminine
664. Junsu and Junho are ferternal twins
665. Cassiopeia fluffy hats!Changmin models for it.
667. The way Yunho says “Jang Nan Ggooh Ruh Ggeee!”
668. When Yunho said that Tony, Kim Jaedong, and someone else that they’re old on Xman
669. Yuchun’s disco(?) sorta dance on Xman
670. Yunho’s sexy collar bones
671. Yuchun’s sexy collar bones
672. Changmin’s sexy sweating
673. TVXQ getting into that stupid accident and fans supporting them
674. How TVXQ has a lot of anti’s but TVXQ tries to handle it as best as possible!
675. Changmin trying to look serious
676. How Junsu acts like a little kid
677. How Junsu says “I Love Ooh yoo!”
678. How Yunho acts like a little kid
679. How Yuchun kisses at the camera screen
680. How Yuchun acts like a little kid
681. How Changmin is the youngest but sometimes acts the oldest
682. How they dance
683. How TVXQ always practices
684. Junsu’s awesome laughingQ
685. How Changmin always reads his fanletters when he has time!
686. Changmin’s most memorible gift was a whole box of fanletters sent from the fans!
687. Junsu get caught watching porn
688. Junsu taking pictures with his camera
689. Junsu trying to copy Usher but ends up hitting his face with his necklace
690. TVXQ came out on MiSa for like a minute in the TV behind So Ji Sup!
691. Junsu proposing to Yuchunnn
692. Junsu’s 100 Questions & Answers
693. Changmin’s 100 Questions & Answers
694. Yuchun’s 100 Questions & Answers
695. Jaejoong’s 100 Questions & Answers
696. The fact that Changmin is always smiling even he doesnt feel good
697. Changmin is good at crying
698. Jaejoong babbled on him crying
699. Changmin is good at eating. VERY good
700. Changmin is an over-acheiver in everything he does
701. How Jaejoong is always looking at the camera
702. Changmin’s head jerking thing in Hug Perf.
703. How Yunho tries to do it also but ends up hurting his neck
704. How Changmin pushed Yunho out of the way to show him how it’s done?
705. Changmin’s cute/weird expressions toward the camera
706. How Jaejoong has a passionate love towards H.O.T(H.O.T = High Five Of Teenagers…)
707. How TVXQ tried copying Shinhwa
708. TVXQ’s no smoking jingle was so cute
709. Junsu’s head rocking thing is crazy
710. Jaejoong’s ability to look like he is really crying in the Ting CF
711. Yunho’s ability to jump REALLY high
712. TVXQ jumping all together in front of a theater in LA
713. Yunho jumping off a swing set nonstop like 826275256198 times
714. How Junsu always listens to his fans
715. Yunho is yet TVXQ’s leader
716. TVXQ first said they didn’t have a leader, but Yunho is it anyway
717. Yunho is from KwangJoo
718. Yunho’s sexy self riding a motorcycle in Nonstop5
719. Junsu is Christian
720. Jaejoong is Christian
721. Yuchun is Christian
722. Yunho is Christian
723.Changmin is the only non-christian person in TVXQ(he is buddist )
724. Junsu moonwalks… EVERYWHERE (even to the bathroom!)
725. Micky saying Aegiyah in a sexy way
726. Junsu saying Aegiyah in a baby way
727. Yunho saying Aegiyah in a cute way
728. Changmin accidentally saying a curse word in korean
729. Jaejoong is good at drinking
730. Changmin screaming in Tri-Angle
731. How Jaejoong looks so hot in a wife-beater
732. How Jaejoong offering ME roses in Hug MV
733. How Yunho winks at ME in Hug MV
734. Jaejoong brushing his teeth with Pjs!
735. Junsu’s attepmt to try to touch his nose with his tongue
736. Yunho trying to play drums on Junsu’s head XD
737. Jaejoong’s ability to keep laughing at absolutely nothing
738. Jaejoong’s sexy fake tatoo (he has it in somewhere bottom of the stomach…)
739. Jaejoong’s sexyness when wrapping a snake around his neck
740. Changmin is a GREAT student in school (his parents were teachers?)
741. TVXQ trying never to leave anyone out
742. Changmin’s cool kneeling down on the stage when screaming part in Tri-Angle
743. Changmin likes moonwalking
744. TVXQ and 7Princess took pictures together
745. Junsu is sucha blonde
746. Junsu’s mother was a former Miss Korea(Or Jaejoong?)



  • In November 2008, the Korean Commission of Youth Protection ruled that Mirotic was detrimental to youths and declared that the lyrics were provocative and overly sexual. As a result, the album was labeled with stickers indicating that it was unsuitable for people under 19 years old and any performances of the song would have to be broadcast after 10 PM. On April 9, 2009, the Commission of Youth Protection announced they would appeal the ruling to a high court after having an emergency meeting and deeming that the phrase, “I got you under my skin”, was inappropriate for minors
  • On July 31, 2009, three of the members—Hero, Micky, and Xiah—submitted an application to the Seoul Central District Court to determine the validity of their contract with SM Entertainment. Through their lawyers, the members stated that the 13-year contract was excessively long and that the group’s earnings were not fairly distributed to the members.Early termination penalty of their contract will cost them twice the profit that the group is estimated to earn for SM Entertainment the rest of the contract period. The news was enough to cause SM Entertainment’s stock price to drop over 10% on the KOSPI.

The Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of the three members. They have claimed that the contract was unfair and the members were left out of proper profit distribution. In response, SM Entertainment called a press conference and claimed that the lawsuit was a big fraud, stating that the lawsuit was not about unfair contracts or human rights, but a scam motivated by the three members’ greed over their cosmetics business. The three members replied that they hoped SM Entertainment would respect the court’s decision.

In response to the lawsuit, 120,000 TVXQ fans filed a petition against SM Entertainment’s long-term contracts to the Seoul District Court. TVXQ’s Korean fanclub Cassiopeia, also filed for compensation from SM Entertainment for the cancelled SM Town Live Concert, as both SM and TVXQ initially stated that the concert would go on as planned; the concert was cancelled a week before its scheduled date.

After legal issues, three members of TVXQ debuted in Japan in 2010 as JYJ, and later with a global debut in October with the English language album The Beginning.


So because of this “break-up”, we , Cassiopeians felt like our world crumbled up into pieces. Siyempre, mahal namin sila e, at ayaw namin silang magkahiwa-hiwalay. They treat themselves like brothers and share this strong bond. Palagay ko nga e hindi na sila sanay na hindi nakikita ang isa`t isa araw araw. But because of this issue…*sighs*

Pero siyempre, hindi kami nawawalan ng pag-asa na balang araw e magkakasama sama na ulit sila. Sabi nga nila di ba “Always Keep the Faith”? So we will continue hoping until the end. ^^


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