B-I-G to the Bang!

Big Bang (빅뱅) is a Korean pop group made up of five members of the group was created by YG Entertainment, through a long audition process that was sent as a 10 episode documentary. One member was dropped and the official group debuted at the YG Family 10th Anniversary Concert, August 19, 2006.  The five members of the group is G-Dragon/G- 드래곤 (Kwon Ji Yong 권지용, leader, rap vocal) TOP / Tempo (Choi Seung Hyun 최승현, rap vocal) Tae Yang (태양) / YB Taekwon (Dong Young Bae 동영배, song rapper) Dae Sung / 대성 (Kang Dae Sung 강대성, vocals) & Seung Ri / 승리 (Lee Seung Hyun 이승현, vocals). Despite the members’ young ages, they are a multi-talented team trained in all aspects of music (i.e .Singing, Rap, Dance, composing and writing lyrics) BigBang’s G-Dragon have trained with YG for six years, fellow intern Tae Yang also trained for six years. TOP  was known in the underground hip-hop world for his beat-boxing and rapping skills and is the oldest in the group, Dae Sung is the ever-smiling vocalist of the group. He is still attending school regularly and is frequently praised by other YG artists for his singing ablilities.  Seung Ri, the youngest member and the last to be added to the group is known for his dancing skills.

2006: Debut and success

Big Bang made their debut at the YG Family concert, held on August 19th, 2006 at the Gymnastics Arena in Seoul Olympic Park. The group originally consisted of six members, but one was dropped in the ninth episode of their documentary video. Originally, two were intended to be dropped, SO-1 and Seung Ri. However, only SO-1 was dropped with Seung Ri still in the group.

Big Bang released their first single, “The First Single Album,” on August 29, 2006 with the song “This Love” getting high requests among radio stations. Their second single “Big Bang is V.I.P.” was released a month later on September 28, 2006. Again, it was a success. On November 22, 2006 they released their third single entitled “B I G B A N G 0 3”. In December 30, 2006, Big Bang had their very first concert titled, The Real. The concert was a success, filling all 12,000+ seats. They also released a music video of their cover song from Israel “My Girl”, with Tae Yang as the soloist, bringing much of the attention to him. The following month, their first album “Since 2007” was released, with a total of 110,408 copies sold.

2007: Breakthrough success and the song “Lies”


Postion: Leader / Main Rappel / Composer / Song writer

Stage Name: G-Dragon

Real name : Kwon Ji-yong

Date of birth : August 18th, 1988

Physique : 170cm, 54kg

Education : Traditional Arts Middle School

Hobbies : Drawing, listening to music

Talents : Rap, dance, beat box, songwriting

G-Dragon is the leader of Big Bang. He has been trained by YG Entertainment since the age of twelve, often at the side of fellow member Tae Yang. He often composes and produces the group’s material. His first mini-album is scheduled to be released in August, 2009.


1. When Big Bang boys go out to eat, G-Dragon is the one who pays the bill.

2. Said to be a messy person, but not when he is working.

3. He said that he always lives life as if he is in love. :D

4. An SMe trainee when he was just 8 years old. He then joined YG entertainment at the age of 13.

5. GD composed the song “Look at me, Gwisoon” and gave it to fellow BB member Daesung as a birthday gift. ( Awwww )

6. He admitted on a radio show that if TOP was a girl, he would date him immediately.

7. GD once said “My dog, Gaho, has to get married. I’m looking for a girl. I’m all nervous for him.”

8. He likes it when someone calls him “Kwon Leader’.

9. He drink lots of coffee and vitamin water.

10. Favorite colors are black, gold, and red.

11. Has three tattoos in his back. The one on his back says “Too fast to live, to young to die”,  two on his inner arms which says “Vita Dolce” or good life (right) and “Moderato” (left arm) or Moderate, a musical term. All of his arm tattoos was done by Pink’s ex husband, Carey Heart.

11. His habits include biting his nails and wearing sunglasses indoors. ( HAHA, so pag nasa kwarto lang siya kailangan pa din niyang mag shades?  )

12. Kangin of Super Junior is one of his childhood friends.

13. In the song This Love, he screams “J”, a reference for his ex-girlfriend who was aspiring to become a model. ( Awww, I’m jealous. Just a little bit though. This is kinda sweet and sad dont you think so?)

14. He sleeps diagonally.

15. His favorite bodypart is his collarbone.

16. His older sister owns an online clothing store called “Style Love”/”Style Luv.” Jiyong can often be seen advertising for his sister, either by wearing the clothing & having his picture taken for her website, wearing it casual, or wearing it to performances (Or in some cases, events).

17. He hates to read/hear people compliment on just his looks, he was to be recognized for his music rather than his appearance.

18. He is known by his members as Tom, and Seungri as Jerry. ( Get it? :)) )

19. He has changed his hairstyle over 20 times over the last 5 years and has dyed it multiple colors (blonde, black, light brown, dark brown, bright red, and orange-red). He has also worn his hair straight, permed (afro-hawk), crimped, and wavy.

20.  Jiyong’s most prized possessions are his shoes, clothes, hats, & accessories. He enjoys organizing them & insists that, “if you lose them, it’s hard to buy them back!” ( Agreed! )

Position: Vocalist / Second Leader / Center

Stage name: Taeyang

Real Name: Dong Yong Bae (동영배)

Date of birth : May 18th, 1988

Physique : 170cm, 56kg

Hobbies : Playing basketball, listening to music, watching TV

Talents : Rap, dance

Tae Yang’s first appearance, along with G-Dragon, was made in one of 1TYM’s music video. Tae Yang started out as a rapper, but is now the main vocalist of Big Bang. He was the first one to release a solo album called HOT during the summer of 2008 and had his first solo concert. On 2008-8-7 he opened a concert for Alicia Keys in South Korea, where he performed his 2 singles: (Prayer) and (Look only at me). Tae Yang is also known for his free style dancing ability, which has become more prominent since the band’s debut. According to Naver, Tae Yang’s next album will be a full album (not a mini) and is scheduled to be released in either August or September. It will be produced by YG Entertainment’s rising producer and 1Tym Member Teddy. Currently, Teddy is busy working on 2NE1’s album but he’ll immediately shift his full focus over to Taeyang once the work on 2NE1’s album is complete.


1. Taeyang’s first kiss was during the video for “My Girl”. After the kiss, he texted the other BB members, “Hyungs, I’m dead. I kissed a girl.”

2. IU likes Taeyang because he was the first one to give her goosebumps just by watching his performance.

3. Taeyang was originally a rapper, but then he changed his interest into being a vocalist.

4. “Taeyang’s heart is really warm and wide. Sometimes, he can really rebuke someone else.” (TOP)

5. He said that he’ll dance better if he doesn`t eat anything before his performance.

6. “He cries a lot!” (GD)

7. Once when he was younger, he had a nightmare of a unicorn riding on his mom and flying. 

8. Had a blind date once with SNSD’s Yuri.

9. When asked what love is when he was younger(2002), he answered ‘diarrhea’. 

10. Never had a girlfriend before. ( Don`t know about now though :| )

11. Says if he weren’t a music artist, he’d be a Gag Man.

12. He always carries his ipod, bible, and English vocab cards in his backpack and sometimes energy drinks.

13. His biggest conflict with GD was during trainee years and it was over a basketball game where he even grabbed GD by the collar because he was so mad.

14. Will choose love over work. 

15. He does not like people making fake judgments about them.

16. He picked Daesung as the member he would date if he was a girl.

17. He is known to be extremely shy and nervous around girls, has become better but still unable to speak or look at them.

18. He used to be the one who does the laundry in their (Big Bang) apartment.

19.  He talks in his sleep.

20. He said that if he liked a girl in his fan group, he would court her immediately. 

Position: Rapper / Beat Boxer / Composer / Oldest

Stage Name: TOP / Tempo

Real name : Choi Seung-hyun

Date of birth : November 4th, 1987

Physique : 180cm, 65kg

Education : Seoul Arts College

Talents : Rap, beat box, songwriting

Before joining Big Bang, he received recognition by winning KBS’s “Rap Battle” in 2003. T.O.P. acted in the Korean television drama I Am Sam. He is currently filming in the planned drama Iris alongside actors Kim Tae Hee and Lee Byung Hun. He is also filming a teenage suspense drama 19 alongside fellow member Seung Ri. Aside from his role in Big Bang, he has collaborated with various artists, including Red Roc’s “Hello,” singer Gummy’s “Mianhaeyo” ( “I’m Sorry“), and Uhm Jung-hwa for “D.I.S.C.O.” He is the oldest in the group.


1. He cried when he saw 2000 VIPs attending his surprise birthday party. All was planned by his fellow BB members :)

2. Hates when he hears people saying he looks mean and scary.

3. He said that he still wants to have a concert with the V.I.P.s even at the age of 50!

4. He believes that age is irrelevant in a relationship. ( So I guess he doesn`t mind our 6 year age gap then? :D )

5. When Bigbang appeared in a Japanese show, TOP was still learning their language. He brought some Japanese dictionary and can`t speak without it!

6. His room is filled with toys :3

7. When they where recording, TOP drew an elephant with lots of eyelashes. He said that he made it so the elephant will look pretty. ( Scary TOP isn`t so scary anymore don`t you think? :))) )

8. He used to sleep walk when he was young. Now he just wraps his hoody tightly when sleeping.

9. He  said that if he liked a girl in his fan group, he would be disappointed and let her walk way, cause she is a fan. ( Huh?? )

10.  He first watch porn videos in grade 5 elementary school. (  OMG TOP  )

11.He hid in a shower stall to avoid attending the group’s activities. 

12. He  got his first kiss at 7th grade near the Han River.

13. There was not a time where TOP had high scores while in school.

14. If he wasn`t a singer, he will do something that has fashion.

15. He doesn’t like it when fans put up pictures of his family on the internet. He feels apologetic to his family.

16. He wants to learn from Seung Ri and GD’s determination of finishing work to the very best and getting it done efficiently.

17. Nickname in school was infant/sleepy.

18. His favorite foods include rice, ice cream, yanggeng (red bean jelly), and donuts.

19. He seldom went Karaoking before.

20. He can drink 7 bottles of Soju in one sitting.

Position: Vocalist / Mangnae

Real Name: Lee Seung Hyun (이승현)

Stage Name : Seung Ri (승리); V.I

Date of birth : December 12th, 1990

Physique : 174cm, 57kg

Seungri initially joined Battle Shinhwa, a reality show aiming to find the next Shinhwa; he was rejected after the 13th episode. He later tried out for Big Bang and was successful. Seung Ri is the “little brother”, also called the “maknae”, of Big Bang. He provides dance and choreographing skills to the band’s performances. Seungri was the first member to be in a musical, starring in Sonagi. Seungri was the second member of the group to participate in solo activities, promoting his solo single “Strong Baby” which was included in the group’s second album. Seungri is also the second member to debut as an actor. He stars in the film Oorijibae Wae Watni ( “Why Did You Come To Our House”) which was released in April 2009.


1. His way of thinking is really naive.

2. YG entertainment only gave him only a week to prepare for their VVIP album.

3. His first learned Japanese phrase is “Where’s the toilet?”

4. BB was originally a 4-member group, but after he was kicked off the documentary, he did his best to come back.

5. Wishes that Big Bang will last forever and ever and ever :D

6. Big Bang described their family as GD the father, Taeyang the father, Daesung as the older brother, TOP the baby and Seungri as the neighbor. ( Personal favorite LOL  )

7. “Sometimes when I see seungri, it’s like looking at myself” (GD)

8. He thinks he looks best when he sees his skills improving.

9.  Seungri thinks that growing a moustache wouldn’t really coordinate with the group dynamics. He’s the maknae (youngest) in Big Bang so it wouldn’t look right.

10. He dislikes it when people say he has short legs.

11. Says if not for music, he would be a kindergarten teacher.

12. Seungri went to the same elementary school as Yunho of TVXQ.

13. He stripped on his first YG audition. 

14. He likes a woman with a cute phone voice and a lot of aegyo. “I honestly do look a lot at physical appearance.” When asked to choose a specific girl group member that was the closest to his ideal woman, he chose After School’s UEE.

15. When he gets drunk he’ll greet other people and will even introduce people he doesn’t know to others, like asking them, “What’s your name?”, “This is XXX”, “Introduce yourself and get to know one another.” 

16. He doesn’t know how to grill meat. But because of the incident that was brought up by his Hyungs, he eventually learned how to and even installed a game in his cellphone to pratice grilling meat perfectly.

17. Seungri went to plastic surgeon because of his dark circles.

18. All of Seungri’s clothes in his MV are picked by his stylist because he doesn’t have an eye for fashion.

19. He  uses insoles because it can make him dance better.

20. He prefers POP music.

Position: Lead Vocalist

Real Name: Kang Dae Sung (강대성)

Date of birth : April 26th, 1989

Physique : 173cm, 62kg

Education : Kyung-in High School

Daesung is the second Big Bang member to star in a musical, the Korean adaptation of Cats. He is a permanent fixture on Family Outing, a variety show that is part of SBS’s Good Sunday line-up. He also released two trot singles one in 2008 and the other in early 2009.


1. BB’s Seungri’s chatting ID is “Sunlight bridegroom”, Taeyang’s “Uh-Huh” and Daesung’s was “Kang Dae Sung” (I can feel that Daesung puts a LOT of effort thinking about his chatting ID. :))) )

2. He doesn`t know how to swim. ( Me neither )

3. Has an obsession with Doraemon. He even has a Doraemon chopstick.

4. “He looks like IU.” (TOP)

5. “He’s a mood maker! A happy virus that makes everyone happy.” (Seungri :3)

6. “A sincere and mature person.” (Taeyang)

7.  He wants a woman who likes him and is understanding of his career. He likes to be able to lean on her for support, and whether she’s older or younger than him, someone to console him and give him strength when they’re together.” When asked to choose a physical trait, he replied, “A woman that looks beautiful when she smiles.” 

8. He wants to be reborn as Won Bin (Korean actor).

9. Although his parents were against the idea of him becoming a singer, Daesung pursued a career as a singer and was eventually recruited by YG Entertainment after auditioning.

10. He like games like soccer because he is good at sports.

11. Mathematics is Daesung’s best subject, because he like questions which make you think hard in order to solve them.

12. Daesung liked a girl from the third year of primary school until the first year of junior high but he never had the courage to confess. ( Awwww  )

13. He doesn’t move when he sleeps.

14. When home alone, he cleans and organizes the house.

15. He thinks he looks best when he gives other people happiness. Especially, when his jokes are successful and he is funny on shows.

16. He picked T.O.P as the member he would date if he was a girl.

17.  He dislikes to hear when people say he’s gained weight when he tries hard to diet.

18. He does his absolute best in everything!

19. He doesn’t like showing his sadness, he wants to be known as the “happy” one in the group.

20. “What’s Up’s” professor Kim Mi Kyung spoke very highly of Daesung from idol group Big Bang when she said, “He possesses the talents that one is unbelievable to have possessed.”

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