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Out with the Old, In with the New


It was actually a month ago when my roommate, Ate Tine, and I moved to new room. It was still on the same floor as our old one but the one now assigned to us was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY bigger than the other one! :D

Of course, the moving itself was a pain in the ass, especially with me. I have so many things to move! My books, clothes, printer, etc! Ugh. -.- But then again, it was worth it.


  • May signal! :))
  • Bigger. Both the room AND bathroom
  • Bigger room means bigger space to put our things in
  • There’s a window and we can actually here what’s happening outside ( back in our old room. We can`t hear anything, even the thunder! )
  • The sun actually manages to reach here
  • No cockroaches!
  • We can get internet connection much faster here, and WiFi! :D

But even with the flaws our older room has, it is still a special place for me. Hey, that’s where we met and how our friendship began :)


Night of Horrors


This actually happened last week, Thursday.

It was eight o’clock p.m. and I was still alone in our room. I didn`t mind though, I was actually pretty used to it. It was 10 p.m. when she arrived from her duty in a far away hospital. She was a nursing study you see. And though she may be tired, we still managed to chat up until 1 a.m.

What we talked about? HAHA, scary stories of course!

She talked about the hospital they were assigned to for a week or so. The place was said to be haunted by spirits from the past. The stories she told gave me goosebumps ( I’m a horror fan, so I’m not scared easily. So when I get goosebumps, it means it it REALLY scary.) and my mind kept on replaying the scenes in that place. I was freaked out, and it is not only because of the stories she told, but what I felt inside our room before she arrived.

Have you felt that someone is staring at you and when you look around, there is nobody there? Or if you suddenly saw a shadow in the corner of your eye but knew it was impossible because you are alone? That’s what happened to me.  And all the horrors from that hospital made me feel a lot worse.

When I told this to her, her explanation left little to the imagination.

“Talaga? Alam mo bang tapunan `tong building na `to dati ng cadaver ng school natin?” she said. ( Rough Trans: Really? Did you know that this building is where our school used to throw their used cadavers?”

And after that, we started imagining things and stuff. Like what if the scene from the grudge happened here? You know, the lady crawling in the stairs? (We have 2 steps of stairs in our room, it goes to the bathroom. ) And what if our cabinet suddenly opens and saw a kid in their, OR if someone suddenly grabs our leg and drag us under the bed? Yeah, I know, we are totally scaring ourselves. We were so scared that even when someone sneezed outside our room, we screamed like hell. Good thing the other tenants didn`t knock on our door :P, and if someone did, there’s no doubt we will scream first before answering the freaking door! :D

Before we slept, we were dabating if we should keep the light on or not :)))

( My cellphone suddenly dropped while I was browsing pictures for this posts. I think I’ll have a heart attack! >.< )