Out with the Old, In with the New


It was actually a month ago when my roommate, Ate Tine, and I moved to new room. It was still on the same floor as our old one but the one now assigned to us was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY bigger than the other one! :D

Of course, the moving itself was a pain in the ass, especially with me. I have so many things to move! My books, clothes, printer, etc! Ugh. -.- But then again, it was worth it.


  • May signal! :))
  • Bigger. Both the room AND bathroom
  • Bigger room means bigger space to put our things in
  • There’s a window and we can actually here what’s happening outside ( back in our old room. We can`t hear anything, even the thunder! )
  • The sun actually manages to reach here
  • No cockroaches!
  • We can get internet connection much faster here, and WiFi! :D

But even with the flaws our older room has, it is still a special place for me. Hey, that’s where we met and how our friendship began :)

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