Word Spam

I’ve been reading my previous posts and noticed that I’ve been saying “So Okay” often. HAHA. Did you notice that too ? :D. So okay (`ya see?!), I’ve been abusing that phrase for quite sometime I admit, but that’s because I feel that’s the only way to make this thing less formal. Like I’m talking to you personally, not making you feel like you’re reading a newspaper or something. This IS an informal blog you know? :)))

So…. okay. HAHA. I really can`t help it! >.< HAHA. Oh yeah, this reminds me of an episode of “How I Met your Mother”. Robin keeps on using the word “But um” whenever she interviews someone, so everyone decided to make it a drinking game. Whenever she said that word, they will take a shot.

Here’s the link of that episode so you’ll know what I’m blabbering about :P


Okay, ignore this post if you want. Doesn`t really say much really :P


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