FORGETting Beauty…


Once a upon a time, there lived a king and queen who held a great feast to celebrate the birth of their only child, Briar Rose. They invited all the fairies in the kingdom to bless the said princess except one whom they thought to be dead.

She was furious about the news about being the only one not invited in the party so she cast a curse on the baby, saying on her sixteenth birthday, she will prick herself with a needle on a wheel and die. And with that, the evil fairy left the castle premises. But little did she know, the fairy who still hasn`t given Rose her blessing managed to somehow intervene with her curse. She said that she will not die when she put her finger in the needle, only go in a deep slumber, and the only thing that can wake her up is a kiss from her true love…

Years later, all of these came true. Rose met her prince charming, she got prick by a needle in a spinning wheel and went to sleep, the prince slayed the evil fairy who keeps on finding ways to make him succeed, and woken Rose with his kiss. And then they lived happily ever after…

They always end like that.

But then this is not a fairy tale. I’m not a princess of some far away kingdom, neither does my name stood close to being Briar Rose.  There are no dragons or fairies running around the kingdom, and my prince charming isn`t exactly “charming” because of his rebellious attitude

Then again, I feel that I can relate well in the story of Sleeping Beauty. But instead of sleeping at the age of sixteen, well, let’s just say that that’s the time I’ll start to forget everything about my life. I think I’m only one of a few who has this kind of sickness. A sickness that in a certain age, you will start to forget all that has happen in your past life… your name… your family… friends… enemies… and even the one you love the most. :(

I know this sucks. But this is my life. I have no choice but to accept the fact that sooner…not later…I will start to forget my prince charming :(


Note from the Author:

Okay, this might be the most sensitive story I have EVER done.

Hope na maiyak kayo! HAHA. `Yun naman talaga purpose ko e, `yung matouch ng story na ito `yung mga puso niyo. :)

Anyways, here are the Characters and the Chapters :)


Forgetting Beauty



Tyrone Bautista

-I love her with all of my heart. And I will continue to do so until I die.

Caris Figeroa

-I love him so much, so I’m keeping this all inside. I rather suffer alone than see him suffering along side me.

Len Gonzales

-Seeing her happy is enough for me… even if her happiness is in the arms of another.

Sophia Sy

-I don`t care if I hurt anybody or not, all I want is for him to notice me.

Bryan  Navarro

-Not everyone has happy endings, and I pray to God that I’m not one of those unfortunate ones.

Crista Alfonso

-I will continue on hoping that someday, I will finally be on the arms of the one who truly deserves me.





Love is a complete bitch.

It will give you false hopes and then tear you apart in the end.

But even so, when you find out what love truly means,

then that’s the time that you’ll be happy…

and  will try really hard not to forget what it stands for…

even if fate says that you must.






~~~~ ♥ ~~~~

Episode 1

The start of everything…



Tyrone’s POV


It has been months since I last drank alcohol. I know that she’ll be yelling her head off and kick me hard in the ass when she sees me drinking again, but I can`t help it. Hey, I’m not an alcoholic alright? It is just today was supposed to be our anniversary. And yeah, today was supposed to be the day I planned to ask her to marry me. So you could just imagine how shocked and furious I was when I saw her making out with another man in a bar two months ago. Turns out that she’s been dating more than five dudes during our relationship. And you know what, she was proud enough to clarify that one in my face. I called it quits after that.

And now, months later, hear I am, drinking alone in this shabby ole bar, winning how sh!t of a life I have, while she’s out there, flirting and having fun with her victim. P*ta! Pag ako naging presidente ng Pilipinas ipapakulong ko lahat ng playgirl >:( Pramis! I mean, they have no right to play with one’s feelings then leave them hanging in the end. >:(

Just beside me, I saw a pair of sweethearts laughing and kissing every chance they get. I sulked at my table even more. Sige pa! Ipamukha niyo pa sa akin na napakalungkot ng love life ko! >:(

“Hey, mind if my cousin and I sat beside you?”

I looked up and saw this pretty and innocent-looking girl staring at me with a smile. Tumingin ako sa paligid. Dami namang bakanteng table sa paligid, bakit kailangan pa silang umupo sa dito? Pero siyempre, bastos din naman kung hindi ako papayag `di ba? “Ah. Sige.”

“Salamat.” Umupo siya sa tapat ko at sinimulang manghalungkat sa bag.

I didn`t mind her though, and just continued drinking my vodka.

“Um, hi. Thanks for letting us sit with you.”

I looked up and almost coughed on my drink when I saw the owner of that voice. Standing beside me is the most beautiful girl I have ever-seen in this entire town! Even more beautiful than my bitch of an ex! My eyes literally went like this O_O

I noticed that she is now starting to eye me weirdly so I mentally slapped myself to stop from staring.

“Mind if I sit down?”

“S-sure.” Don`t stutter you dork! >.<

She sat down beside me and smiled her million dolar smile. I can`t help but to stare at her beauty again. I know, I sound like I real pervert right now. HAHA

“So, are you always hanging around this bar?” she said as she placed her face a little bit nearer than mine. She has… blue eyes?

“Ah, no. Not always. Just on a couple of occasions.”

“So when did you start to drink?”

“When I was about 16 I guess.”

“And how old are you now?”


“Who influenced you to drink?” Wait. Base sa flow ng mga questions… iniinterview ba nila ako?

“Ini-interview niyo ba ako?”

The two exchanged glances and then shyly looked at me. This can’t be good. -__________-

“Uh, sorry sir. This is just for our thesis. No offense sana.”

“Ano ba `yang thesis niyo?”

“Err… about sa pagkahumaling ng mga kabataan sa alak.”





























So hi everybody. My name’s Tyrone John Bautista. 19 and a third-year Psychology student of UP-B. Although not quite as obvious, I’m also a leader of some hidden mafia (secret lang natin `to HAHA). And yeah, today is also the WORST DAY OF MY LIFE.



















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