When Shopping Goes Bad


Everyone of us has that sense of adventure… an urge to experience something new… pero hindi talaga `yan ang sasabihin ko e HAHA! Just wanted to say it I guess :p

So let’s get to the point here..

Whenever na nasa mall kayo, have you ever thought of screaming “bomb” just for the fun of it? To see what will be reaction of everyone else kahit na alam niyo namang magkakagulo ang madla pag ginawa niyo yun??

Okay, guys. If you’re planning to do such, WAG NIYO NANG IPAGPATULOY! Say that I’m a killjoy or whatsoever, pero, you will get your selves in big trouble if you do that.

Take our experience as a lesson.

OK, I know that you are thinking that we yelled bomb like crazy in the mall, but we didn`t. My friend just asked what will happen if the guards so a bomb in one of the shoppers bags while the security lady was checking her bag, and BOOM! We were sent to the admin’s office.

It was a scary experience for her (since we weren`t the ones who asked, but we accompanied her there nevertheless), pero sino ba naman ang hindi matatakot di ba? I mean, kung sa akin mangyayari `yun baka hindi ko na alam gagawin ko. Baka hindi na ako pag aralin nila mommy sa manila di ba? WAAAAAAAAA!!!  At sinabi ng din  lalaki dun na pwede siyang makulong up tp 5 YEARS! And it isn`t just bluff… you can even search the internet for it if you want.

So guys, friendly reminder, don`t say the “B” word when nasa public place kayo kundi patay kayo. ^^



OK. Ito lang nakita ko. But you get the idea HAHA




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