Fail of a Sembreak

So the students of FEU-NRMF was given a whole month to relax and unwind themselves from the pressures in school. At first, we were like ecstatic when we heard the news. Imagine! A whole month just laying in bed and sleeping at your heart’s content! We can also go and see our old friends again and catch up on old times. We imagined a month of “parteee! parteeee!”, and we planned for that to happen too.

But when we actually entered the time zone known as “semestral break”, most of us are disappointed and wants to go back to school, especially ME. OK, the first few days was HEAVEN. Just sleeping, internet, eating and watching CABLED TV. But as days goes by, I was feeling tired of it. I was bored as hell.

And it is not like I can go out and go shopping with my friends because as far as I know, a certain typhoon landed here in the Philippines during our sembreak. Ugh. Talk about bad luck right? -_______-. And it’s not like I can just grab my friends and ask them to go out for they have their own schedules too! So all in all, this thing is a total FAIL to me.

I mean… I expected something like this….


But my sembreak ended like this! (LOL, sorry for using random anime pics HAHA)



At least at school I can do something fun, not unlike here. I guess it’s true that when you expect something really bad, you’ll just end up getting disappointed. -____-

Good thing I’ll be going to school again on the 9th. Boring, yet less pressure and stress, are OVEEEEER!!!






2 responses to “Fail of a Sembreak

  • Denise

    Question, when is sem break usually for FEU NRMF Medicine students? I might be going there next yr.. just planning out my life :D Thanks!

    • raindrops08

      Mmm… di ko masyadong sure pero I think sembreak is on October then summer vacation is from April to May. Halos same same lang kasi nagbabakasyon `yung medtech and med e. According to my observation that is ^^

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