What I Have To Say


Hi! To those who are reading these, either by curiosity or accident, thanks for dropping by. ^^

I’m Lee, the owner of this blog. Hindi ko sasabihin na “simple” ako. Why? Two reasons. First, masyado ng common ang description na yun. Second, I’m not “simple”, I’m UNIQUE. See the difference? ^^ I don`t believe in love at first sight. It’s just plain crap for me. So pagnakakita ka ng isang hot guy then tumibok ung puso mo ng mabilis ibig sabihin love mo na sya kagad? Crush, oo. Pero love, hindi.You must know the person first before you love them right? right? Damn, hindi ko alam kung bakit ako bigla nagbigay ng definition ko about love, HAHA!

The reason why I made this blog? Simple. So everyone has the chance to know what i have to say about this world of ours. My beliefs. My experiences. My views.  I wanna express myself freely to all. I’m not saying na super halaga ng mga sasabihin ko, but in a sense, it may help you see the whole world in my eyes. And maybe, you’ll agree to my views in life. Makes sense? ^^

I also want to open the stories I’ll be making in the future to all. Alam ko kasing mabubulok lang sya dito sa lappie ko ng wala man lang nakakabasa kung hindi ko ito gagawin. Oh yeah, my stories are mostly about love and challenges, minsan gumagawa din ako ng mysteries kung mapagtitripan ko :p.

And finally, I guess, I want to meet new people here…new friends to be exact. Those who can somewhat relate to my beliefs and ideas. Yeah, that would be awesome ^^.

Comments are loved ♥


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